SLC 2021

Question: Does the Chapter Advisor have to upload the video files to YouTube or Vimeo?

A: No. Have the students do that part and then email you the URL/Link needed to submit. You can review the videos if you want to make sure the students are following the guidelines. Students likely have experience uploading videos and/or are familiar with those platforms and can handle that step.

Question: Can videos be recorded at home?

A: Yes. Recordings can be done anywhere. We recommend a quiet setting with a neutral background. If the recording is done at home, a gathering place like a living room, dining room, den, or study is recommended. Students may NOT record in a bedroom or bathroom.

Question: Do I have to watch each video before I submit the link?

A: No. We understand that some advisors will want to review the videos, but this is not a required step. You don’t screen what they say in a role play normally. If you trust that your students haven’t said or done anything inappropriate, then I don’t think there is a need to review them prior to submitting. If you have a concern, you could do just that. If you want each video reviewed but you simply don’t have the time to do them yourself, consider having students watch each other’s videos, or assign your officer team to review them, prior to you submitting the link.

Question: Can students use a digital background that is related to their event?

A: Students that are in prepared events CAN use a digital background. Have them practice their presentation with the digital background, including any hand gestures they may make to ensure that the digital background does not become a distraction.

A:  Students in live judged events may NOT use a digital background.

Question: Should students simulate the handshake as they begin their presentation?

A: There is not an “official” beginning to any presentation, virtually or in-person. We recommend that students approach their prepared presentations as video conferences. Students in live judged events can adapt the setting to fit their respective scenarios as they see fit. Obviously the setting this year is different, but it also gives the students an opportunity to think creatively and stand out.

Question: Do the students need to change their names that appear on Zoom (or other virtual meeting platforms)?

A: They can, but it’s not required. We have found that some videos do show the student’s name when recorded, and some don’t. To be sure that the student’s name doesn’t appear, they can rename themselves to a single ‘space’.

Question:  Can students share their screen?

A:  Students are allowed to share their screen as part of their presentation.

Question:  Will tests and pre-submitted events be used to narrow down events to ‘Top 12″ and “Top 20” this year? 

A:  Online tests will be used to narrow application test events to “Top 20” competitors.

A:  Pre-submitted events will be submitted as one event for all judging components and will NOT be used to narrow down “Top 12”.

Question:  When will students get access to the judge’s questions for the prepared events? 

A:  After registration closes we will contact those advisors with students in events that will need access codes to judges questions. the only events this applies to are Advanced Interview Skills and Interview Skills.

Question:  When will the “Top 20” for application test events be announced? 

A:  We will release these results after testing closes. Access codes to the application tests will given to advisors after that.

Question:  How will the “Live” Events be scheduled 

A:  We are utilizing a new judging software this year. This means that the competitors will get to choose their exact date and time (within the week of March 1st-5th) to meet with judges and compete. More details will come after registration closes.

Question:  How are Interview Skills and Advanced Interview Skills going to work as prepared events? 

A:  Participants will upload their resumes, cover letters, and other pre-submit materials in addition to a one sided interview video presentation. Access will be given to a question bank for students to choose which interview questions to answer in their video presentation. These events are part of the prepared events group with submissions being due by February 26th. Judges will not have any interaction with students in prepared events.

Question:  Has the deadline for state Torch, Quality Chapter, and BPA Cares been extended? 

A:  No. Please refer to the important dates calendar for those deadlines.  

Question:  I am still a bit confused with the “pre-submit” events, can you explain? 

A:  Instead of the traditional “pre-submit” events that are due prior to conference and are used to narrow down our contests, this year we are asking that all events in the “prepared events” category submit their “pre-submit” materials AND a video of the presentation they would typically perform at conference as ONE. The judges should be able to open a competitors event submission and be able to grade EVERY COMPONENT. These events could also be described as “one and done” – you will submit the materials and video and your student is finished and just has to wait for awards.

Question:  Are all of the tests open to use resources? 

A:  Yes. Those resources should be non-computer based.

Question:  Can students test at home?

A:  This is up to the individual local chapter advisors, but it is allowed by Oklahoma BPA for the 2021 SLC.

Competition Reminders


*Judges Questions for Prepared Events ( :


  • The only competitions that will need to wait to record so they can include judges questions are INTERVIEW SKILLS and ADVANCED INTERVIEW SKILLS, all other events in the prepared events category will NOT receive judges questions. Access coded to the interview skills participants will be sent out after registration closes.


*Application Test access codes will be sent after registration closes to those who placed in the top 20 after online testing. (


*Live Judged Event scheduling will be sent out after registration closes. (


*Prepared Event submission/upload link will added to the website and emailed to advisors prior to 2/19. There are instructional videos on the site to walk you through the process. (