SLC 2024

As we receive questions from advisors we will update this page. 

Question: Is the advisor considered one of the two voting delegates to the business session?

A: No, they need to be student members to serve as voting delegates.

Question: Does the Chapter Advisor have to upload the video files to YouTube or Vimeo?

A: No. Have the students do that part and then email you the URL/Link needed to submit. You can review the videos if you want to make sure the students are following the guidelines. Students likely have experience uploading videos and/or are familiar with those platforms and can handle that step.

Question: Can videos be recorded at home?

A: Yes. Recordings can be done anywhere. We recommend a quiet setting with a neutral background. If the recording is done at home, a gathering place like a living room, dining room, den, or study is recommended. Students may NOT record in a bedroom or bathroom.

Question: Do I have to watch each video before I submit the link?

A: No. We understand that some advisors will want to review the videos, but this is not a required step. You don’t screen what they say in a role play normally. If you trust that your students haven’t said or done anything inappropriate, then I don’t think there is a need to review them prior to submitting. If you have a concern, you could do just that. If you want each video reviewed but you simply don’t have the time to do them yourself, consider having students watch each other’s videos, or assign your officer team to review them, prior to you submitting the link

Question:  When will the “Top 20” for application test events be announced? 

A:  We will release these results after testing closes.

Question:  Has the deadline for state Torch, Quality Chapter, and BPA Cares been extended? 

A:  No.


Question:  Will teams be counted off for missing a member at SLC? 

A:  No, due to the ongoing pandemic we will NOT be counting off any points for incomplete teams. Keep in mind this applies to SLC and that National BPA makes decisions regarding NLC.

Question:  On the Star Chapter Award, is that by division (as in, do I apply just once for my entire chapter or twice — once for my secondary and once for my post-secondary chapter)? 

A:  You can apply once for all of your chapters in one application.

Question:  When will the Parli Pro Team Event test (not OPEN) be taken at SLC? 

A:  Right now this is planned for the morning of March 7th at the Hyatt

Question:  Will students be expected to shake hands during their competition?

A: Obviously during the pandemic introductions have been and are expected to be handled carefully. Do you shake hands? Do you not shake hands?

Students should plan ahead of their competitions and interviews to find a way to introduce themselves that is both professional and considerate. Students who are comfortable shaking hands could simply ask if the judges are comfortable shaking hands and proceed as needed. Judges often appreciate that a student would think to ask if they felt comfortable. If a student is not comfortable shaking hands they should practice and create a plan for how they will introduce themselves. The important thing to remember is that a student is still expected to make some sort of introduction.

No student will be have points deducted due the lack of a handshake, however students should be prepared to professionally introduce themselves during their competition.

Question:  Do members use their membership ID or participant ID for online testing?

A: Students will use their PARTICIPANT ID as the username for online tests. This ID can be found on your SLC invoice by each student’s name. It is different than the student’s member ID.

As a note, you do NOT have to use the tickets to test – they are something that have been used as a tool in the past. If you find it easier to give your testing liaison a spreadsheet or list with IDs and tests to be taken that is completely fine. Please do what works best for your chapter

Question:  When will we know who is advancing to state if they tested online?

A:  We will be able to release finalists in each testing event by 2/10/24

Question:  When will know who is advancing to state if they pre-submitted an event?

A:  Judging for pre-submitted events closes on 2/16/24, we will notify everyone by 2/18/24 if they have advanced to SLC.


On Works Cited — Should they use the Participant ID or their BPA Member #?

On Release Forms — Should they use the Participant ID or their BPA Member #?

A:  Use the Participant ID on all state leadership conference related items. As a reminder the participant ID can be found on the SLC registration invoice.