BPA Torch Awards Program (local, regional, state & national)

Students interested in completing a Torch Award at the different levels should visit the national BPA website by clicking HERE. This website outlines each Torch category, the four different levels of recognition, and allows you to download the Torch Awards Handbook & Torch Awards Guidebook PowerPoint.

For directions on how to access the Torch system click HERE.

To Watch a video to better understand BPA Torch Awards created by Aaron Sattler click HERE.

BPA Cares Award (state & national)

Your chapter is encouraged to become involved in the BPA Cares programs. To learn more please visit the national BPA website by clicking HERE. From this link you can download the BPA Cares Handbook.

BPA Quality Chapter Award (state & national)

Learn how to qualify for the BPA Quality Chapter Award by clicking HERE.

Oklahoma BPA Merit Scholar

The purpose is to recognize individual members and advisors for their knowledge of Oklahoma Business Professionals of America and to motivate all members and advisors to learn as much as possible about the history, traditions, programs, and activities of the organization.
Any member in good standing with Oklahoma Business Professionals of America, including advisors may earn the BPA Merit Scholar award by achieving a minimum of 85% on an objective test (true/false and multiple choice questions). This general contest is not part of the competitive events program; the Oklahoma BPA Merit Scholar award is part of the BPA Cares program offered to members.

Did you know that by studying for and taking the Oklahoma BPA Merit Scholar Test, you are also studying and practicing to become a National BPA Merit Scholar?  Visit the National BPA Website for more information about becoming a National BPA Merit Scholar.