Please keep in mind that the OK S|PS|ML WSAP Guides are for use at state competition and you will need to use the National WSAP Guide for NLC.


Events Per Student (all divisions):

  • Students may compete in up to two (2) competitive events with only one of those events being a team event.
    • Acceptable event combinations per student:
      • 1 individual event & 1 team event
      • 2 individual events
  • OPEN events do not count towards the total events per student. Students can compete in as many OPEN events as they would like. These are all online tests.
  • Torch awards do not count towards competitive event totals.
  • STATE-ONLY events do not count towards the total events per student.
    • All state only event in person judging will occur in Tulsa on March 4, 2024. This includes Middle Level entries.

Note:  The 900 level events are only for Middle Level students. All 900 level events will be judged at Middle Level Competition Day in February 2024.

Software:  Office 2021 will be used in the 2023-2024 membership year at NLC. 

Registration for competitive events is completed during the State Leadership Conference registration period. Please refer to your BMITE Important Dates for more information.

Prepare through Practice!

  • Online Practice Tests: Members can utilize the same online testing system that they will use for state testing. Past regional exams are available. Students can login with their member ID and the password that was emailed to their advisors from Mrs. Cavin.


  • Practice Materials:  Downloadable Regional Level practice materials. Advisors must be added to the folder to access these materials. Contact James Gordon for assistance.


  • Purchase WSAP Test Banks:  These are past state and national level materials available for you to purchase form national BPA. If you are a fully funded K12 BMITE program you are allowed to use your program funding for these test banks.