Application Test Events 

Some of these events will be narrowed down to “Top 20” through the online testing component prior to the application test. In those events only the “Top 20” competitors will complete the application test component of the event. View the WSAP or the Events at a Glance for specific event details. 

Example: Students competing in (200) Fundamental Word Processing will take the online test during the online testing window to determine if they make the top 20.


February 1st – February 18th, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  • Local Advisors will register a testing liaison who will give students their username, password, and the URL/link for the application tests.


(100) Fundamental Accounting

(105) College Accounting

(110) Advanced Accounting

(115) Advanced College Accounting

(125) Payroll Accounting

(130) College Payroll Accounting

(135) Managerial Accounting

(140) Federal Income Tax Accounting

(145) Banking and Finance

(165) Personal Financial Management

(200) Fundamental Word Processing

(205) Intermediate Word Processing

(210) Advanced Word Processing

(215) Integrated Office Applications

(220) Basic Office Systems and Procedures

(225) Advanced Office Systems and Procedures

(230) Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

(235) Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

(240) Database Applications

(245) Legal Office Procedures

(330) C# Programming

(335) C++ Programming

(340) Java Programming

(355) Python Programming

(400) Fundamental Desktop Publishing

(405) Fundamentals of Web Design

(415) Advanced Desktop Publishing

(600) ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding

(605) Health Insurance Medical Billing

(610) Health Administration Procedures