2022 Advisor SLC Prep Boot Camp

If you have questions regarding SLC 2023 please email state advisor, Paxton Cavin.


Thank you for your flexibility regarding this event and the change of plans on November 15th. As we move towards the 2023 State Leadership Conference this content is intended to help guide you through what can be an overwhelming process. Of course, not all questions will be answered here so if there is anything at all you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the BMITE office with your questions.

Reading Guidelines & Avoiding Missed Points

Competition Practice Materials

  • Online Practice Tests: Members can utilize the same online testing system that they will use for state testing. Past regional exams are available. Students can login with their member ID and the password that was emailed to their advisors from Mrs. Cavin.


  • CTyou.org Practice Materials:  Downloadable Regional Level practice materials. Advisors must be added to the Ctyou.org folder to access these materials. Contact James Gordon for assistance.


  • Purchase WSAP Test Banks:  These are past state and national level materials available for you to purchase form national BPA. If you are a fully funded K12 BMITE program you are allowed to use your program funding for these test banks.

SLC Preview & Breakdown

Paxton Cavin will be hosting an SLC Preview and Breakdown on December 12th from 1PM to 3PM on Zoom. The link is below. No registration required.

This meeting will be recorded.

The SLC presentation will be from approximately 1:00PM -1:30PM with the remaining time intended for questions. Advisors do not need to attend the entire training and may come and go as needed.

This meeting is fine to be played in front of students in a classroom, but for time purposes we do ask that only advisors interact.

Judge’s FAQ

We asked one of our veteran judges some questions to help your students prepare for State Leadership Conference. Here is what they had to say:

Anyone can judge. Some contests need certain qualifications but there is something for everyone that wants to help.

Before the contest beings the judges read the info packet provided for them on for each contest. If one is not spelled out (tie breaker) the judges will have a question or score that breaks the tie. Example if the contestant has a test, then whoever has the highest score wins. Or they may say whoever has the best score on the interview wins.

Personally, I have judged for or helped at conference for all 7 CTSO’s.

For me it is being personable. I like for the contestant to come in and introduce themselves. I know that you are nervous but coming in with a smile and introducing yourself makes you rememberable.

Not being prepared. You have to remember that he judges are all volunteers and taking time out of there busy work schedules to judge. So, make sure you are ready.

Be honest. If you don’t have the answer, just tell us you don’t. Just because you can’t answer them all doesn’t mean you are not prepared.

They happen. Everyone is human and technology will fail sometimes. Just take a deep breath and move on or ask to start over.