What is Courtesy Corps?

Courtesy Corps is a program offered to BPA members during the day of competition at State Leadership Conference. Members are able to assist event directors, judges, and BMITE staff in a volunteer capacity.

Each chapter is allowed a maximum of 2 Courtesy Corps members, spots are limited to 100 members and will be given to those who sign up first.

Please note that signing up to be part of Courtesy Corps is a commitment at SLC – all Courtesy Corps volunteers are expected to arrive to their assignment on time and work for the amount of time specified. Failure to complete assignments on time and in full could result in the chapter being disallowed from being in Courtesy Corps the following SLC.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for a Courtesy Corps spot (first come, first serve – spots are limited) in the registration system when you sign up for competitions. You must be a registered BPA member who is registered to attend SLC to participate in Courtesy Corps.

How do I get my assignment?

Oklahoma BPA State Advisor, Paxton Cavin, will email Courtesy Corps members and local advisors prior to SLC.

What if I can’t arrive on time or fulfill my assignment?

Local advisors should notify  Paxton Cavin at paxton.cavin@careertech.ok.gov if a student is unable to participate.