Dell Events

Some of these events will be narrowed down to “Top 12” through the online testing component prior to the application test. In those events only the “Top 12” competitors will complete the application test component of the event. View the WSAP or the Events at a Glance for specific event details. 



  • Local Advisors will receive special codes and the informational video for application test completion and upload closer to the submission window.

Informational Guides – look at these before you compete!

  1. Click here to access the Lab Connectivity Testing Guide to test your connectivity from the device you plan to use on competition day!
  2. Click here to access the Student Station Access Guide that will walk you through using VLP to access your station on competition day.


(300) Computer Network Technology

(305) PC Servicing and Troubleshooting

(310) Server Administration Using Microsoft

(315) Network Administration Using Cisco

(320) Computer Security

(350) Linux Operating System Fundamentals-Pilot

OK SLC 2021 DELL Participants