BPA Logos

Please refer to the Branding Guidelines before using the BPA Logo files. If you do not see the file you are needing on this page, please email the state office. 

Social Media Avatar- JPG 

Social Media Avatar – PNG

Oklahoma Mark Logo – JPG

Oklahoma Mark Logo – PNG

Oklahoma Logo with Tagline – JPG

Oklahoma Logo with Tagline – PNG

Oklahoma Logo without Tagline – JPG

Oklahoma Logo without Tagline – PNG


Oklahoma BPA Letterhead 

National Theme Logo (2020-2021)

Envision. Empower. Ignite. Logo (JPG)

Fall Leadership Conference Theme Logo (2020-2021)

Find Your Voice Logo (PNG)

Presentation Package

Below you will find a link to a Resource Package for use within the WSAP Competitive Events.  The packages includes:

  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation Template
    • This template contains multiple pre-defined slide layouts and an additional slide containing scalable icons for use in the presentation
  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation How-To Guide
    • The guide provides a screenshot walkthrough of how to select different slide layouts and edit background images.
  • High Resolution Logos
    • Logos are high resolution with dimensions over 5,000 pixels.
    • Logos are provided in both PNG and JPG format.
    • Logos are available both with tagline and without the tagline.
    • Logos are available in white, black, gray scale, navy, red, and full color.

NOTE: Members are NOT REQUIRED to use any of the resources provided in this package.  Usage is left up to individual discretion.

View the WSAP Media and Resource Package here:



Download the WSAP Presentation Resource Package (Archived .zip) here: 


National Theme Logos (2019-2020)

Capitalize Your Future – JPG

Capitalize Your Future – PNG

Fall Leadership Conference Theme Logos (2019-2020)

Aspire to Inspire Blue Cloud Logo – PNG

Aspire to Inspire White Cloud Logo – JPG

Aspire to Inspire White Cloud Logo – PDF

State Leadership Conference Theme Logo (2019-2020)

Spring Into Your Future Logo (PNG)