Developing emerging leaders is the core of the BPA experience. The Oklahoma BPA Leadership Workshops are our take on providing a comprehensive leadership program for our members.

The goal is to empower members and provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building, and project implementation. Oklahoma BPA Leadership Workshops prepare members to be effective leaders in college and careers.

Keynote Address at Opening Session

Author and International Speaker Joe Fingerhut focuses on the importance of connection with students and educators to overcome adversity, pursue difficult goals, and build a better community. Joe connects with audiences using humor, magic, and relevant stories of his own adventures, and he has a knack for touching each audience member’s heart with a powerful message of hope.

As one of four kids raised by two teachers in St. Louis, Missouri, an eventful upbringing included minivan vacations, constant carpools to school and sporting events, plus occasional trips to the emergency room for stitches and broken bones. At age 14, when his best friend died in a car accident, Joe’s life perspective was transformed from participation to exploration. In the eight years after graduating college, Joe went to 30 countries on six continents, including a backpacking adventure in Europe and a hilarious stint as an English teacher in Japan. Then Joe moved home and began entertaining for a living. His skills as a magician, juggler, and DJ fostered a love and expertise of being on stage, and brought awards as well, with Complete Music naming Joe the 2011 National DJ of the Year. These experiences paved the way for a successful career as a speaker, and allowed Joe to inspire audiences in America, Japan, and Malaysia—so far!

Joe focuses on conquering the “destiny of normalcy,” which afflicts too many young people today. He communicates a positive message of turning “I can’t” into “How can I?” while sharing stories from his life and travels. Audiences help create lasting lessons as they participate in memorable moments of magic, juggling, dancing, and more.

Joe is passionate about inspiring people to dream bigger dreams, eliminate limits, and lead themselves, all the while teaching them the power of right choices, attitude, and character. He leaves them with tools to transform their lives and the world around them. He has spoken to students, educators, and corporate professionals at schools, camps, and conferences across America and in multiple countries.

Find out more about Joe, his adventures, and his book “Permission To Play” at

Leadership Workshops – Wednesday, March 11th, Hyatt

1:00 PM  – Permission to Play: The D.R.E.A.M. Method to Pursuing and Crushing Big Goals! with Joe Fingerhut

3:00 PM – Permission to Play: The D.R.E.A.M. Method to Pursuing and Crushing Big Goals! with Joe Fingerhut