These events will be completed in front of judges in a virtual meeting platform during the judging window. Please refer to the WSAP Guidelines to see if your specific event requires an online test. 

Judging Window:  March 1st – 5th*

*Exact dates and times will be assigned when registration closes based on the number of entries received.

*Parliamentary Procedure Teams will receive a time during the judging window on the same day of their live judged event to test as a team. This is the only online test which will be proctored and will be completed via the Webex platform. Cameras will be required be on at all times.

Example:  Students competing in (975) Extemporaneous Speech will receive a scheduled day/time for competition during the judging window mentioned above and will be expected to log in to the competition system, check in on time, complete their competition prep, and then present to judging in the virtual meeting platform.


  • All team members should log in to the virtual room around the same time and will not be allowed to “check in” until the team is present
  • NO editing or visual effects/transitions may be included to live video.
  • Individuals will compete in the virtual meeting platform Webex by Cisco.
  • The student(s) must ALWAYS be visible with cameras on.
  • Digital backgrounds are NOT allowed for “live” judged events.
  • It is recommended that teams of 2 or more are on separate devices and cameras when competing. If teams of 2 or more are in the same space, CDC Covid-19 safety protocols must be followed at all times.
  • Student(s) must be dressed in business professional attire for the presentation.
  • Only the student(s) presenting and competing may be included in the presentation.
  • If this recording is conducted at home, it must be done in a gathering area such as a living room, dining room, or den. If the video is recorded in a bedroom or bathroom it may be immediately disqualified without notice/notification.
  • It is important to consider your background. Make sure items are neat and presentable. Consider this your office, or the location setting listed in the prompt/topic/scenario.


150 – Financial Analyst Team (S | PS)
170 – Financial Audit – Pilot (PS)
325 – Network Design Team (S|PS)
510 – Small Business Management Team (S | PS)
525 – Extemporaneous Speech (S)
530 – Contemporary Issues (PS)
535 – Human Resource Management (S | PS)
540 – Ethics and Professionalism (S | PS)
550 – Parliamentary Procedure Team (S)
975 – Extemporaneous Speech (ML)