2024 SLC Online Testing


January 22 – February 3, 2024 – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (no weekends)

  • Students should check with local advisor to confirm testing schedule.


  • Local Advisors need to register a testing liaison who will give students their username, password, and the URL/link for testing.
  • Local Advisors and testing liaisons will receive testing instructions and password a few days prior to the testing window.

Local chapters may have specific requirements for when and where to test. Ask your advisor if you have any questions. You will not be able to access your test without your username and password from your advisor.



Please confirm the following testing requirements prior to the day of administering exams:


  • You will need to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Safari may work but it tends to be problematic.
  • We suggest using a Windows XP or higher operating system, but any OS with a supported browser should work as long as it supports current standards and JavaScript
  • The most common problem is the site being blocked by filtering agents put in place by the IT department at the school or district level. Be sure that the site works in the location you will be using for testing.
  • Your browser must have JavaScript enabled
  • If you have a pop-up blocker, it must be disabled for this site to work properly.
  • Make sure that you test the site from the location you will be testing BEFORE testing begins. If the site is not working, or is blocked by your school, be sure to get with the proper technicians BEFORE your testing begins.

TIP:  Take a practice exam prior to testing day on the device you will use for online testing – they are free for registered Oklahoma members!

Events with an Online Test

(100) Fundamental Accounting

(105) College Accounting

(110) Advanced Accounting

(115) Advanced College Accounting

(125) Payroll Accounting

(130) College Payroll Accounting

(135) Managerial Accounting

(140) Federal Income Tax Accounting

(145) Banking and Finance

(165) Personal Financial Management

(190) Financial Math and Analysis Concepts-OPEN

(200) Fundamental Word Processing

(205) Intermediate Word Processing

(210) Advanced Word Processing

(215) Integrated Office Applications

(220) Basic Office Systems & Procedures

(225) Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

(230) Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

(235) Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

(240) Database Applications

(245) Legal Office Procedures

(265) Business Law & Ethics

(290) Administrative Support Concepts-OPEN

(300) Computer Network Technology

(305) PC Servicing and Troubleshooting

(310) Server Administration Using Microsoft

(315) Network Administration Using Cisco

(320) Computer Security

(330) C# Programming

(335) C++ Programming

(340) Java Programming

(345) SQL Database Fundamentals

(350) Linux Operating System Fundamentals-Pilot

(355) Python Programming

(390) Computer Programming Concepts-OPEN

(391) Information Technology concepts-OPEN

(400) Fundamental Desktop Publishing

(405) Fundamentals of Web Design

(415) Advanced Desktop Publishing

(490) Digital Communication & Design-OPEN

(590) Business Meeting Management-OPEN

(591) Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts-OPEN

(592) Parliamentary Procedure Concepts-OPEN

(593) Project Management Concepts-OPEN

(594) Digital Marketing Concepts-OPEN

(600) ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding

(605) Health Insurance & Medical Billing-Pilot

(610) Health Administration Procedures

(620) Medical Terminology Concepts-OPEN-Pilot

(900) Financial Literacy

(920) Digital Citizenship-Pilot

(995) Business Communication Skills Concepts-OPEN

(996) Business Fundamentals Concepts-OPEN

(997) Business Math Concepts-OPEN

(998) Computer Literacy Concepts-OPEN

(015) Oklahoma BPA Digital Photography