Candidate for Parliamentarian 

Charlotte Sipes

My name is Charlotte Sipes and I believe running for a position on the Oklahoma BPA State Executive Council (SEC) is an incredible opportunity for both personal growth and making a positive impact. Being a state officer provides a platform to positively voice ideas and advocate for positive changes in BPA activities. It develops crucial leadership skills such as communication, teamwork, and decision-making. Serving on the officer team also opens doors to networking with like-minded individuals, professionals, and educators, fostering life-long connections. This experience would also allow me unique insights into organizational management, event planning, and problem-solving—skills that are valuable in any future business career. Ultimately, running for a position on the state officer team is not just about personal achievement; it’s a chance to make a meaningful impact on my local, state, and national community and contribute to the overall success and growth of this incredible organization.

Candidates for General Office 

Chloe Bell

I am Chloe Bell and I wish to run for state office because I am a very ambitious student who likes to fulfill leadership roles when the opportunity is given. As a student who is college bound, I strive to optimize every opportunity to build upon skills that I will use not only through high school but also as I enter the professional world. I have taken the initiative to lead others at school, church, and within my community. Therefore, I am confident in my abilities to lead Oklahoma BPA. I’m deeply devoted to BPA, and although this is my first year, I am diving in headfirst believing there is much room for learning and personal development. I have high moral standards and believe that I can encourage and guide Oklahoma members to achieve their utmost potential. I always hold integrity as my most important value, I believe that I could use this quality to help lead Oklahomans to be the best version of themselves and to see great growth. I am looking forward to serving as a state officer. Overall, I believe that serving on the state executive council would be a great learning opportunity, both for myself and the Oklahoma members.

Christian Bochy

My name is Christian Bochy. I am a junior at Northwest Technology Center in Fairview. I want to run for state office because I believe in this organization and the positive impact it has on students. I am ready to take on a greater responsibility to give back and lead my fellow members towards a more prosperous future. Running for state office is not just about a title or personal achievement. It is about dedicating oneself to the betterment of an organization we hold dear. I promise to build on the success of previous leaders, to bring fresh ideas to the table, and to listen to the voices of the members. I want to run for state office because I believe this is an incredible opportunity for personal growth, leadership development, and making a positive impact on fellow BPA members. The Oklahoma BPA network can provide all of us with valuable support, mentorship, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Running for state office is an opportunity to serve, lead, and create lasting change within Oklahoma BPA and beyond.

Dylan Cook

My name is Dylan Cook, and I am eager to step forward as a candidate for the State Executive Council. My motivation extends beyond a desire for personal recognition, it is rooted in a genuine commitment to fostering the growth and success of Business Professionals of America. Throughout my involvement, I have witnessed the transformative power of this organization in shaping the futures of its members. As a candidate, my primary goal is to contribute to the overall advancement of BPA. I believe that by actively participating in leadership at the state level, I can play a crucial role in driving initiatives that enhance the educational and professional experiences of fellow members. Moreover, my candidacy is influenced by a deep appreciation for the value of creating lasting memories and seizing every opportunity that comes our way. BPA is more than just an extracurricular activity, it is a platform for personal and collective growth. I am committed to ensuring that every member has the chance to make meaningful connections, learn invaluable skills, and embrace each moment fully. Together, let us build a legacy within BPA that not only shapes successful professionals but also creates a tapestry of cherished memories for every member.

Kaden Dockins

The primary reason I took the opportunity to apply to the BPA Oklahoma Student Executive Council was to lead and assist with a student organization that I truly believe will be beneficial to me and many other like-minded students. BPA is an organization that has personally driven me to achieve goals in many different subjects. BPA has helped me with social skills, public speaking, leadership, and many other things within my internet technology career path. BPA provided me with an opportunity; having the ability to assist in BPA at a higher level than simply my local chapter is an honor. I have the dedication, determination, and motivation to lead inside of BPA. I have gained knowledge and experience from my personal BPA chapter meetings, fundraisers, recruiting sessions, and competitions. To conclude my BPA application, I have the passion to serve BPA at a higher level because of my dedication to this organization and what it stands for. Thank you for your consideration in providing students with beneficial opportunities. I wish luck to all the other students running for the BPA Student Executive Council.

Aubrilynn Donwerth

My name is Aubrilynn Donwerth, and I am eager to serve in a state office role. With a background deeply rooted in leadership, security, and team management, I have skills that are vital for effective governance. My experience as a Security Rover at Allied Universal and a Shift Leader at Carl’s Jr. has blessed me with a strong sense of responsibility, an unwavering commitment to safety, and the ability to lead teams under various circumstances.
Education has always been a cornerstone of my journey. As a student of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics at Tulsa Technology Center, I have developed a keen understanding of the digital landscape, which is increasingly relevant in today’s technology-driven world. My role as Vice-President of the local BPA Chapter and member of the student advisory group reflects my dedication to leadership and community involvement.
I believe in the power of proactive communication, problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail. These skills, coupled with my certifications in security and first aid, equip me to address the challenges facing our state with a balanced, informed, and innovative approach. My goal is to contribute to our community, ensuring a safe, efficient, and progressive environment for all.

Landen Garza

My name is Landen Garza and I am running for the Oklahoma Business Professionals of America State Officer position. My extensive experience with professional level photography hardware and photo editing software will make me an indispensable asset to Oklahoma’s BPA State Executive Council. I am always ready to take on new challenges and I am extremely resourceful when it comes to solving problems. I am uniquely driven to perform at the top of my abilities and fulfill my responsibilities as State Officer. My exemplary written and spoken interpersonal communication skills will be a great resource for accomplishing any task asked of me.

I am always the first to volunteer for new challenges and experiences. I demonstrate reliability, punctuality, and I have an uncanny ability to follow through on commitments. My ability to empathize and demonstrate understanding with peers fosters an inclusive and supportive environment within my local BPA chapter, at school, and at work. I believe my problem-solving skills are my most valuable asset as a leader. My critical thinking and resourceful creativity allow me to accomplish any task put before me.

Nancy Gilbert

My name is Nancy Gilbert and I am very excited to be a candidate for State Executive Council. If elected I want to help members and potential members discover all the opportunities that BPA has to offer. I feel that my experience will be valuable to encourage other members and potential members to explore service and education opportunities available through BPA. I believe that if I can encourage others to increase their participation in programs such as BPA Cares and Torch Awards, we can make a huge positive impact in our communities. Many BPA members do not fully understand everything available to them, and I would like to help educate them on all the opportunities available through BPA programs. II believe increased knowledge of the benefits of our programs will increase membership participation and ultimately grow the Oklahoma BPA community.

Felicity Hamilton

From a very young age, I have always dreamed of being succesful in business. My aspirations were always raised to high standards but I believe because of this I have worked harder than just about anyone to get where i am today. I never knew about the opportunities this club had to offer for my future until this year and I fully prepare to take advantage of that. I believe that it can not only help my future but the future of anyone interesting in furthering their career options in business and just about anything else. What running for state office means to me is that I will be able to help those who are interested capitalizing on their dreams and goals. I will be a strong leader and an optimistic voice to help make positive changes for our community. I am charasmatic and open minded on many views. I hope that you take my application into consideration because I do believe that I would be a very strong option.

Evan Hines

My name is Evan Hines, I am a Junior attending Cashion High School, working to attain my high school diploma, and later higher education. I am an active member of the National Honor Society and a two year member and president of our school’s local Business Professionals of America chapter. I am also a member of my school’s band, along with its leadership team, and a part of the school’s academic team, which made a state appearance and got third which required a lot of leadership, communication, and teamwork to make it that far. I believe I have the proper qualities to be a part of the Business Professionals of America Executive Council because throughout the year as president of the local chapter I have learned how to better network with members, lead by example, and overall become a better role model for all members as a part of the chapter. All in all I believe I can uplift the State Executive Council with these qualities.

Rylee Kipf

Hi, I’m Rylee Kipf, a sophomore at Piedmont High School dedicated to making an impact in my community and state. I am passionate about volunteer work, and frequently spend time serving my community because I believe we don’t have to wait to make an impact. As young people, we have incredible opportunities to grow and become amazing leaders. My goal is to help my peers cultivate personal growth and use their skills to make a difference. Like plants, we need certain things to succeed in life. While we may not need sunlight and soil, we need a community of hardworking young people to plant ourselves in. Business Professionals of America is that community. We also need an environment that offers opportunities for both our present and our future. If I were on your State Executive Council, my mission would be to help BPA maintain its reputation as a healthy and positive environment that continues to cultivate the growth of its student members.

Nicholas Kynast

My name is Nicholas Kynast and I wish to be a candidate for Oklahoma BPA State Office to showcase my leadership and teamwork skills. I have a good foundation of leadership and teamwork abilities but, I’m constantly pushing myself to improve. Being a BPA State Officer would be a great way to challenge myself further. It would also allow me the opportunity to encourage others through team building and leadership to improve themselves and BPA as a whole. As members mature and become confident in themselves, they will be more apt to share BPA as their resource for growth. BPA as an organization can recruit more members to ensure its growth and continuation into the future.

Emmalie Madding

I am a great candidate for the General Office because I can communicate with people well, and I show respect to my peers and others around me. I’m very dependable if you need anything I will help you the best I can. I’m always up for a new adventure.

Bryant Mutisya

My Name is Bryant Mutisya. I used to be on the student council and I enjoyed working on school-wide projects a lot so if I win state I will learn from other members and officers I will try bringing new opportunities to BPA including and not limited to Scholarships for schools or communities that support BPA, new BPA Day programs that you could work on with local chapter members a wider opportunity for family’s or even communities can partake in BPA maybe Bi-Monthly Guest school which we show why BPA and Or Tulsa Tech and why they are great fits for students with no chance of getting to know both opportunities Or having middle school students visiting Tulsa tech locations and learning about the different middle to high-school opportunities led by chapter officers in each program. Local officer-led events for communities with opportunities to support BPA and the doors that could open for the children in the community. Week trips for class officers that help build teamwork and other important skills. Of course, not everything I mentioned is possible but If I get elected, I will bring opportunities that show BPA that Oklahoma is king.

Logan Pritchett

My name is Logan Pritchett, and I would like to improve my skills as a leader and develop myself as a person. I believe being a State Executive Officer would be the perfect way to do that. Another reason that I would like to run for a State Executive Officer, is to demonstrate to myself and others that I can be an inspirational leader. I am continually developing into a person that people would like to follow as an example of a great leader. And through BPA, I can display this ability. If I´m elected as a State Executive Officer, I would be able to express my ideas which benefit BPA. Such as, creating meaningful recruitment materials for advisors to use to showcase BPA to students. I would love to assist with organizational plans for FLC and SLC. I would love representing Oklahoma at NLC as well.

Blakelee Rigsby

Hi, my name is Blakelee Rigsby. I would like to be a State Officer for BPA because it will inhibit me to meet lots of new people, learn lots of different things, and benefit me in my future career goals.

Ella Thomas

Hello, I’m Ella Thomas, and I am thrilled to be a candidate for state executive council in Oklahoma BPA. My journey with BPA has been nothing short of inspiring, shaping my understanding of collaboration, leadership, and innovation. As a dedicated member, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact BPA has on students’ personal and professional growth.

If elected, my focus is on fostering inclusivity, expanding professional development avenues, and ensuring every BPA member’s voice is heard. Through dedication and fresh perspectives, I aim to contribute to the continued success and unity of our BPA community.

I’m passionate about elevating BPA to new heights, and with your support, we can create an environment where every member thrives. Thank you for considering me as your candidate—I am excited about the opportunity to serve and contribute to the excellence of Oklahoma BPA.

Jonah Wilcox

Hello everyone! My name is Jonah Wilcox. I would like to be a candidate for State office for three main reasons. The first reason is to further BPA and all that it means to the 6,123 active members of BPA across this great state. BPA is one of the nation’s leading CTSO’s and has over 45,000 members nationwide as well as almost 1,000 internationally. BPA matters to me. The possibilities of where BPA is going and where BPA could be is infinite! BPA can continue to expand and grow. As it expands we must also expand with it! The second reason is for myself. I would like to grow more as both a leader and a person. Getting this opportunity to apply is such a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I heard the theme for this year, Seize the Opportunity, I knew that was exactly what I must do. The final reason is you. You are the reason I applied. Each person under the Oklahoma BPA matters in their own way. To me you are not just a member. You are a student, a son, a daughter, a learner, and an educator. You are uniquely you!

Tremayne Wisby

My Name is Tremayne Wisby, I wish to become a state officer. To be honest with you I never really knew what I wanted to do in life. I mostly wanted to be around people and have fun because I was tired of being an “outcast”. so I joined wrestling but I faced a decent problem, I had to deal with racism, I couldn’t do anything about it seeing as those guys were twice my size; even though I was decent at wrestling they have been doing it since they were kids plus were twice my size so I decided that it wasn’t worth it and quit that’s when I stumbled on the bpa group at first the field trips and days out of school excited me, helping little kids out at the zoo. But then I realized that what I truly liked was leading people to do great things so that’s how I started leading my group of bpa members to greatness as a Vice president, it was hard for sure but I did it but now I want to lead a bigger group of people to do great things that’s why I wish to become a state officer.