Every BPA advisor attending the 2020 State Leadership Conference will receive an assignment as either an administrator, proctor, grader, or coordinator during the event. It is critical that you report to the assignment at the times you are given and fulfill your responsibilities during the conference. It takes hundreds of people to ensure a successful event; your cooperation is imperative.

Here’s the breakdown:

Level Directors Numbers
100 Tracie Spencer 12 graders;  21 administrators and proctors
200 Charrlette Young / Taylor Deatherage 24 graders;  34 administrators and proctors
300 15 graders;  22 administrators and proctors
400 Roberta Sams   6 graders;  36 administrators and proctors
500 Athena Frank / Natasha Smith / Angela Brownfield   0 graders;  48 administrators and proctors

Judges Director: Teresa Pinkston (156 judges needed)

Grading Room Director:  Karen Sneary

Download the 2020 BPA SLC Advisor Assignments 

Please do your part during the conference. If advisors do not assist, we will be forced to outsource the help we need to run conference, which will increase registration costs.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests based on your input. Please sign up for a spot as soon as possible. The earlier you sign up, the better chance you’ll have to secure your preference.