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As we start the new membership year, you may be looking for ways to recruit members to your chapter. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide if they truly want to take part, recruiting members isn’t always easy. The best way to recruit is to take those individuals who are on the fence about joining, and show them why they should. Here are a few ways you can expand your chapter:


  • Visit the other classes at your school that are eligible to join BPA to speak about the benefits of joining.
  • Have snacks available at your meetings, freebies like snacks can be a big reason for people to give your chapter a shot, when they might not have at other times.
  • If you have the ability to put up flyers throughout your school, take advantage of that and show what it is like to be a BPA member.
  • Throughout the year, taking part in service projects can make people want to join your chapter. When someone sees a group doing good in the community, it makes them want to join and take part in the projects as well!


Once you have the members, you’ll need to find ways that will keep them involved and wanting to be a part of the organization. To give you some examples:


  • Just like how they can entice people to give the organization a shot, having snacks available at meetings and partaking in service projects will keep people coming back!
  • Social media is a great way to keep members engaged, a weekly post showing off what your chapter is doing can give people another thing to look forward to, and the occasional member shoutout won’t hurt either.
  • Set up a survey asking what your members want to see/do. Do your best to fulfill some of those wants. Members will feel more involved when they see that something they asked for was done.


One of the major service projects we take part in through BPA is the Chain of Love at FLC. This is one of the first ways you can show new members and get them engaged!


Remember that members are the core of our organization and that your chapter can’t run without them. Growing your membership will help you succeed!


-Dillon Henry

State Vice President

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