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The Oklahoma BPA’s Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)  guest speaker, Juan Bendaña, is a renowned speaker, author, and DJ who speaks on high school and university campuses as well as at conferences internationally. He speaks as a keynote speaker at annual conferences, orientation events, and student assemblies to 50,000+ students, educators, and parents across Canada and the United States every year!


He is also the founder of The 100 Day Playbook, which is a guided journal that helps students build better habits, boost productivity, and optimize their life. Juan has partnered with major organizations like Sony Pictures, and he helps brands connect with students in meaningful ways. Through his message of engagement and action, Juan creates an environment that makes audience members feel inspired, influential, and engaged. Juan gets students excited about engaging within their schools and communities through the use of storytelling, humor, and live DJ experiences. These innovative and engaging experiences highlight a message of engagement, leadership, and decision-making that resonates with every audience member. Juan brings new energy to school campuses and conferences, leaving lasting impacts that stick with students far beyond his speech. In his life off the stage, he likes to go snowboarding, diving with sharks, mountain climbing, traveling to new places, working out, and hanging out with friends—getting the most out of life is what is important to him. It’s something he likes to incorporate into every message he shares on stage and demonstrates his passion for new, exciting, and sometimes terrifying experiences that he can share with others. He has also dedicated his life to be a positive role model for students who need a voice that they can relate to. He believes students need someone who has been there, someone who speaks from their own past experiences.


Oklahoma BPA is so excited to welcome Juan Bendaña as the keynote speaker at the Fall Leadership Conference. Come early and get a good seat!


-Brannon Watts

State Historian/Chaplain

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