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I am thankful for BPA because it has given me a lot of opportunities that I can use for my own life. In my life, I find it hard to find ways to find opportunities for community service, but BPA gives me easy to accomplish, direct, and useful ways to get involved in my community. While applying for colleges, I can use BPA as an example of community service, as well as student leadership.


BPA gives a rare gift; easy, engaging ways to get involved. So today, I thank BPA for giving me the opportunities to become a genuine leader while giving me engaging ways to get involved. Leadership is a hard thing to demonstrate, which makes BPA special in that it gives so many chances to members to get involved and active inside our communities.


We tend to take it for granted, but officer positions are a genius way to offer leadership positions for members. Colleges and jobs love to have applicants who are leaders, which means that just by participating in BPA, we can make ourselves better off in our futures. I want to say thank you to all the people who make BPA tick, like our state advisor, Paxton Cavin, as well as our national advisor, Mark Burch.


These people provide us with all the opportunities that we take for granted. We take for granted how much BPA does, so I think if we can all take some time to ponder what we would do without BPA in our lives, we might gain some perspective on the organization as a whole. I know in my chapter, the classroom would have a completely different feeling, as BPA really makes a difference in the way we interact with our classmates. BPA gives us leadership and community service opportunities, as well as valuable chances to show ourselves and realize our potential. I would like everyone reading this to really take a minute and think about all that BPA does for us, and the ways that it helps us now and in our futures.


-Logan Mullins

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