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So, as we all know . . . State Leadership Conference is coming in hot this next week for BPA, and I’m sure the pre-competition jitters are setting in. Some advice I would love to share with you is how I get past my nerves. I always dress to a 10 when I know I will be competing or speaking in front of others. This sets me up with the most confidence before walking into a room of strangers. When you walk in, smile, and make eye contact when introducing yourself–first impressions are vital to your competition and being memorable. In everything you do, be confident in your decisions and remember SLC is a journey not a sprint.  Take time to reflect on what you have learned along the way, the new friendships you have made, and the lifetime of memories you will cherish forever. If you keep these thoughts in mind, I know you will feel better and be prepared for anything! Good luck at SLC!

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