Bradley Abney

Stratford Middle School
Local Advisor: Erin Stonecipher

Leadership Voice:  Pioneer/Guardian

Bio:  Bradley’s main goal as a state officer is to create awareness for the Middle Level division and to help grow Oklahoma BPA’s membership. His favorite BPA memory was SLC 2022 when he was able to step on the SLC stage for the first time to win awards and become a state officer. This future business owner has a heart for our middle level members! In his free time Bradley is an avid reader and loves sports and fishing.

What is unique about Bradley? He is the youngest member of SEC 2022-2023.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the Mid-Level Representative to:
a. aid in the overall success of the State Executive Council;
b. serve as the official liaison for the Mid-Level division;
c. gain a foundational knowledge of basic parliamentary procedure;
d. attend all mandatory events as established by the State Advisor;
e. provide vital opinions and perspectives representative of the mid-level division;
f. promote the general welfare of Business Professionals of America, Oklahoma