Maggie Mae Battles

Central Technology Center – Drumright
Local Advisor:  Athena Frank

Leadership Voice:  Guardian

Enneagram:  1

More about Maggie

What is your favorite BPA memory?
So far, my favorite BPA memory is when I gave my campaign speech on a stage in front of hundreds of people. It made me feel confident and accomplished.

What are three words that describe you?
Three words that describe me are determined, motivated, and loyal.

Why did you join BPA?
I joined BPA because I wanted to push myself further to be the best I could be and be confident, and I knew BPA could help me get that.

What are your future career goals?
My future career goal is to become a locally-based accountant and help people financially.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep an accurate record of all business and Executive Council meetings; promptly submit one (1) printed copy of the minutes and any substantiating reports to the President, State Executive Council, and the State Advisor; and promote the general welfare of Business Professionals of America, Oklahoma Association.