Adriel Lora

Northwest Technology Center – Fairview
Local Advisors: Amy McClure and Stacy Lee

Leadership Voice:  Creative

Bio: This leader’s favorite things about BPA are the opportunities to work together as a team. Adriel believes that teamwork divides the workload and multiplies the results. Adriel describes himself as someone with a noble heart who needs order and organization in his world.

What is unique about Adriel? He is ultra-respectful and cannot stand to see anyone being made fun of.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the Vice-Presidents to serve in any capacity as directed by the President; accept the responsibilities of the President as occasions may demand; assist in compiling and publishing the State Association Annual Report; serve as liaison between local members and the State Executive Council; contact each assigned local chapter at least once each month; and promote the general welfare of Business Professionals of America, Oklahoma Association.