Lorelei Bonham

Canadian Valley Technology Center – Yukon
Local Advisors: Connie Garner

Leadership Voice:  Nurturer

Bio: This leader’s favorite BPA memory is running for state office and making new friends in that process. Lorelei strives to grow the membership of Oklahoma BPA and make sure each member gets something from their experience. Lorelei hopes to one day use the skills she has obtained from her CTSO in a career as a realtor.

What is unique about Lorelei? She loves to garden!

Duties: It shall be the duty of the Vice-Presidents to serve in any capacity as directed by the President; accept the responsibilities of the President as occasions may demand; assist in compiling and publishing the State Association Annual Report; serve as liaison between local members and the State Executive Council; contact each assigned local chapter at least once each month; and promote the general welfare of Business Professionals of America, Oklahoma Association.

Contact: lmgofie1982@gmail.com