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Tulsa Technology Center – Peoria
Local Advisor: Charrlette Young

Bio: When this senior from Sperry, Oklahoma saw the impact that BPA had on the community she decided to become not only a member, but a state officer. Charity knows that a phenomenal leader should exhibit patience and understanding while always putting others first. In her spare time Charity enjoys reading, singing, drawing, and preparing for her dream career of being an attorney or mathematician.

I’m Charity Klarich and I’ll be serving you as State Secretary for 2019-2020.


I will be a senior, when school comes back around, at Sperry High School.


I’m an odd one as I have a passion for learning, I feel everything has a lesson hidden within it. I like to sing, draw, and write poetry. I try my best to push my boundaries, to better myself.


I’m looking forward to serving BPA and my community to the fullest this year.

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