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Oklahoma BPA,


It has truly been a pleasure to serve you as your state Historian/chaplain for 202-2021, I cannot thank you all enough for the support.


This year has been different and rough but we made it through and persevered like I knew BPA would. We’ve been through a pandemic, virtual meetings, in and out of school, virtual conferences basically virtual everything! It’s been tough to meet you all but I hope I was able to make an impact no matter how big or small. I enjoyed talking with all of you during our FLC and SLC, friends were made even through the virtual platforms!


My officer team,


Thank you for welcoming me into the team in the middle of the year, it was a weird transition at first but we became great friends and I am very thankful for all of you.

Mason, thank you for the laughs and keeping the atmosphere upbeat.

Hussain, thank you for all the Tesla information, I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day.

Audrey, thank you for being positive and helping with the service project! Also try not to get anymore speeding tickets.

Jessie, thank you for always having something positive to say, you were always a joy in our meetings, even if you were virtually for a while!

Nathan, thank you for the stocks talks during our meetings, and for finding Oklajoma’s state dinosaur whose name I can’t pronounce.

Jacob, what can I say? I really think you were the backbone of the team, when everyone felt down about something you always wanted to bring up the good in what seemed like a terrible outcome to the rest of us. Thank you for being you Jacob. (also can’t forget to mention your Christmas suit, think it was the highlight of that meeting)

Thank you all for being my friends, I appreciate all of you!


Ms. Cavin,


Thank you for the opportunity to join this team and the doors it had opened for me, you really are one of a kind! It may sound cliche to say you are the best state advisor nut I really think it’s true, you filled an open position in the middle of the year, you built virtual opportunities for members and local advisors, you let the officer team vent when we found out SLC was going to be virtual, you put together two great virtual conferences, many recording dates and so much more! In my book of state advisors, you are number 1, the MVP of state advisors!


My advisors,

Words can’t express the gratitude i feel for all of you, my instructor Ms. Moore, Ms. Johnston. Mr. Devers. And Ms. Ray. Thank you all for believing in me, I would not be where I am without your help. I have enjoyed being in Ms. Moore’s class from the beginning, being a homeschool student all the way through high school I didn’t know how going to tech was going to go and when I first came in you greeted me with a smile and really helped me excel in this class! Thank you for all you do for your students!


My family,


I want to thank my family for their dedication to helping me achieve my goals, they laid down their time and energy listening to me practice my speech, competitions, and presentations. I am grateful for them and couldn’t ask for a better mom or sister!


To the new officer team,


Take in every minute of your year, trust me it will go by fast and before you know it you’ll be hosting SLC thinking “where did the time go?”. Trust and listen to each other’s ideas. I know you will all be great leaders for Oklahoma BPA.


Unfortunately this is goodbye, but only for now! I’m sure I will meet some of you down the road at some point!  I’ll leave you with this quote from the series Fairy Tail “Comrade isn’t simply a word. Comrades are about heart. It’s the unconditional trust in your partners. Please, feel free to lean on me… and I too, will lean on you as well.” – Mavis Vermillion

Karson Brown  

Oklahoma BPA State Historian/Chaplain 

2020-2021 State Executive Council

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