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Hello Oklahoma BPA! My name is Brighton Snow, and I am honored to serve Oklahoma Business Professional of America as the 2021-2022 state president, I look forward to this year’s accomplishments and I cannot wait to see what we achieve together. This year’s State Executive Council team and I have been working hard all summer to ensure that this year is truly noteworthy!

We cannot wait to see BPA members in person again, it has been a while. Returning members, I challenge you to out-give your organization and strive to make this year memorable! For some of you, like myself, this is your last year in the secondary division of BPA, and by now you probably know your favorite BPA activity, but I encourage you to try new things this year. Maybe torch awards are your thing, if so, I hope you surpass that next tier of recognition. If you enjoy the leadership conferences the most, do your best to share that excitement with your friends. My favorite BPA activities are the state/national competitions specifically the entrepreneurship event, it being my last year in the secondary division I will give it my all! If competitive events are your thing too, I cannot wait to see you on stage claiming your medal!

First-timers, we cannot wait to show you how amazing this organization is, BPA offers unmatched career development competitions, life-changing leadership seminars and so much more. Never be afraid to ask questions about your organization and challenge your fellow members to become the best version of themselves. Your time will fly by, so always remember to take advantage of all the opportunities available through BPA.

Oklahoma BPA, we have spectacular plans for this year, but remember your involvement is especially important to this year’s success, so please do your best to stay active between conferences and events. Help us promote BPA to share our unmatched opportunities with everyone!

Brighton Snow


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