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State Leadership Conference is coming up, so we all need to prepare for the upcoming BPA events. To start off, make sure there are no schedule conflicts, and if there are, resolve them. The conference is from March 7th – 9th, and it is in Tulsa, OK. For more information of times and dates, check out the OKBPA website at https://bpaok.org/. Since the conference lasts multiple days, you need to prepare for either staying overnight or driving back and forth each day. Make sure you know what your chapter is doing.


If you are doing competitions, you need to make sure you know when it is due (if virtual), and what you need to bring on the day of competition (if in person). Make sure you fully understand the rules of your competition BEFORE competition day.


State Leadership Conference is also where the next OKBPA State Executive Council gets voted for and announced, so be sure to congratulate those who make it in! 

The Torch statesman award is also due before State Leadership Conference, so make sure you get going on that if you are going for it! Awards will be given out during the conference, so make sure you congratulate the people who achieve that!


Make sure to find out any information you need before the conference, like schedules and dress code. State Conference is a lot more enjoyable if you don’t have to panic at the last minute!

Overall, just make sure you are prepared for the conference, and have everything you need before March 7th. Schedule conflicts might happen, so it’s better to plan in advance so you don’t have to cancel other plans.


Make sure you enjoy the conference, and have a great time while it lasts! This is a very exciting time for BPA, so just enjoy the ride and have fun!

-Logan Mullins

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