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It’s hard to talk about BPA to people who aren’t in the organization with you, but here’s some easy ways to talk to your family and friends about BPA. For starters, friends are the easiest people to talk to about the organization, as there are tons of ways to talk about it or bring it up. You could just talk about all the things you do in BPA, and you can invite them to come to meetings and join your chapter.


BPA is more fun with friends, so an easy way to invite a friend to BPA is to just be there with them. I know from experience, having most of my friends in my chapter makes meetings a lot more fun to be in, being surrounded by people I like makes BPA activities tons of fun. With friends in BPA, you can do team competitions with people you enjoy being around, and I can say from experience that makes it a lot easier to compete. You can also do torch award activities together, and really grow from the experience. Having friends in BPA can really liven the experience for both of you.


An easy way to start is to bring up BPA activities, or to talk about what happened in a recent chapter meeting. You could say something along the lines of “if you want, you can go to the next chapter meeting even if you aren’t a member”. If your chapter has food at the meeting, it makes things easier, as you can just tell them that there’s food that they can eat at the meeting, and for most people, that’s enough to at least show up to a meeting. A common problem with getting people to join BPA is that people often think it would be always formal and serious, since most people think that anything with “business” and “professionals” must be boring and no fun. So, do your best to counter that by showing friends that BPA can be enjoyable for anyone.

-Logan Mullins

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