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The last year has been full of many challenges: uncertainty about what will and won’t happen, crazy weather, and Covid of course.


Despite the trials, it has truly been an honor to serve as your 2021-2022 State Executive Council Vice President and I can’t express how happy I am to have had this experience.


To my team:


I have loved getting to know all of you guys over the past year. It’s crazy to think that only a year ago, we were running to be members of the State Executive Council. You guys mean so much to me and I’m going to miss working with each and every one of you.


To Mrs. Cavin:


Thank you for the opportunity to serve on this team. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and my team this year. It is so inspiring to see how you balance two kids, two CTSOs, and everything else in your life. I will always treasure the memories from the past year.


To my advisors:


I can’t put into words how much all of you have done for me, Mr. Little, Mr. Devers, Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Neiman, and Ms. Janloo. From when I first joined BPA five years ago to now as I end my term as a state officer, I have felt so much support through it all. Thank you all for everything!


To my friends and family:


I couldn’t have done this without you. The support I’ve received from y’all has let me reach this position and I wouldn’t be here without it.


To the 2022-2023 State Executive Council:


I can’t wait to see what you all do. I am so excited to see where Oklahoma BPA goes! As my parting gift, I will leave you with a piece of advice: Take every opportunity. Whether that means taking on an extra assignment from Mrs. Cavin, going to visit a chapter that’s out of your way, helping out with your local chapter’s officer team, or anything in between. Going the extra mile will leave you far more satisfied with your term than only doing the bare minimum.

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