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There is nothing quite like putting on your official blazer for the first time. A moment of fulfillment, that feeling you’ve accomplished something unthinkable. The feeling of being a part of the team, a sense that you can make a difference.


Choosing to run for state office was one of my first steps in changing my life for success. Before BPA, I wasn’t necessarily unsuccessful, I would say I was more undecided. I wasn’t confident in my decisions with most things in my life. But BPA ignited a passion in me, and I knew I was on the right track.


When I push beyond my boundaries and strive for larger goals, “big” changes will come. I’ve had the opportunity to improve my public speaking and learned that most of the time your audience is rooting for you to do good, just as much as you want to. As Jonathan Lockwood Huie would say, remember “powerful dreams inspire powerful action.” Oklahoma BPA, your actions, your vote, your support made my dreams come true. It has been an honor, and I am so thankful to you, the members of Oklahoma BPA, for giving me this opportunity! I look forward to seeing what kind of changes the incoming officer team brings. Here’s to your next first steps!

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