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When I first joined Business Professionals of America in 2017 as a freshman at Stillwater Junior High School, I had no idea what the organization was, or of the effect it would have on my life. I had only joined because the advisor, Ms. Janloo, was also my favorite teacher, little did I know where it would take me.

I served as the Chapter Parliamentarian that year, and I would attribute that to what kick started my journey to where I am now. I fell in love with the leadership side of BPA and really enjoyed getting to work with the other officers in my chapter.

I went on to help start a chapter at my high school and serve as the President of the chapter. That was also the year I decided that I wanted to run for the State Executive Council. The next year, I started my education in Information Technology at Meridian Technology Center. I moved from the chapter at Stillwater High School to the chapter at Meridian Technology Center where I served as the PM Chapter President with one of my local advisors, Ms. Neiman, and ran for the State Executive Council.

Due to the virtual nature of the 2020-2021 membership year, I ran my campaign booth and gave my campaign speech online. I was elected at the 2021 Oklahoma BPA State Leadership Conference and later appointed to be the State Vice President.

Since being elected, I have met with multiple chapters, had great conversations with members of the Oklahoma BPA membership, I’ve had the opportunity to work and speak with District and State Officers from other Career and Technical Student Organizations, and met a lot of amazing people who have had a huge impact on me.

Becoming a member of the State Executive Council has truly been the best journey of my life.

-Dillon Henry

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