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thomas branson school visit

Visiting the BPA Chapter at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center was a very great experience. Makayla Adams, Maggie Battles, Aspen Nelson, and I were warmly welcomed on September 29 by Jessica Utter, the GCTC Chapter advisor. We had the honor and opportunity to be there during the Chapter Officer Installation Ceremony for the morning team and one for the afternoon team. After each team was installed, there were receptions to celebrate their accomplishment. After the receptions, the State Officer team had a presentation prepared for the chapter officers and members. For both classes, we began with and game of BPA bingo, then began our presentation about why you should be an active member, how you can be an active member, becoming a leader, participating in community service, and chapter involvement. We also talked about the Torch Awards, the WSAP competitions, and our upcoming Fall Leadership Conference. Both classes of the chapter were very engaged and asked lots of questions wanting to learn more about state office and BPA information in general.


I would like to thank the GCTC Chapter on behalf of the State Officer Team for inviting us to their amazing ceremonies. Their chapter has big plans and is definitely going to be a very successful and active chapter.

– Thomas Branson

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