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On October 5th, Thomas Branson and I had the opportunity to speak to Newcastle High School about BPA. Their wonderful advisors, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Scott, warmly welcomed us with a variety of gifts such as t-shirts and notebooks. Prior to our visit, we were informed that majority of the students attending were not BPA members, because of this we made our presentation on general BPA knowledge to hopefully spark some interest. We spoke to two class periods and had a 20 minute question and answer with a smaller group. Being able to engage with other students is one of my favorite parts of being a state officer. We started out this visit by playing a competitive game where the winner received a prize. Then, we gave our presentation and answered questions. At the end of the visit, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Scott treated us and our local advisor to a delicious lunch. After this visit, Mr. Duncan informed us that their chapter has grown by 20 members since our visit!  Newcastle High School is very hospitable and thoughtful. I also liked how eager some of the students were to learn about BPA. Thank you so much to Newcastle High School for having us, it was a pleasure to visit you!

– Makayla Adams

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