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Thomas Branson Chapter Visit

Hello Oklahoma BPA! On October 26th, Makayla Adams and I had the privilege of visiting the Sallisaw BPA Chapter. We arrived at the school and we were brought to their amazing computer lab.

There we were warmly greeted by Mr. Rhoads and were later introduced to Ms. McCrary, who are the secondary and mid-level chapter advisors. We began the meeting with an icebreaker called “Letter Association”. We divided the group into two sides of the room. Students were given a letter and a topic and the first to grab our microphone and say a word associated won. After this, we presented a slide show covering what BPA is, becoming an active member, torch awards, WSAP, officer roles, increasing membership, fundraising ideas, and chapter projects. During our presentation, we asked the members for their thoughts and ideas on fundraisers and if they enjoyed the Fall Leadership Conference. We ended with having the chapter ask us questions about our slideshow, the state office, and general BPA knowledge.

We had a fantastic time getting to speak to this chapter. There is such incredible energy coming from the students and I do not doubt that this chapter will have an incredibly successful year. I can’t wait to hear about all they do as they Seize the Opportunity this year!

-Thomas Branson

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