Diana Bowen

From the nomination form:


Diana Bowen has been a BPA advisor for 12 years. Advising secondary and post-secondary students in the chapter, she has exhibited the attributes of outstanding advisor throughout these years providing secondary and post-secondary students the opportunity to develop in learning, professional growth, and service.
Providing innovative avenues to learning, Ms. Bowen has developed project based learning that immerses the student in the learning environment. An example of this can be seen in the project that began with field trip to the OKC zoo and botanical gardens, and paired with an afternoon immersed in the business of Ghost, OKC marketing company, becoming a diverse objective led project intriguing students and engaging them in learning, also providing an exposure event that supports student’s personal growth. Attendance at the Thunder Career Day, Ms. Bowen has exposed a great number student to a wide variety of business occupations, augmenting personal and professional growth.
The competitive spirit is developed through activities on campus as well as at district, state, and national levels. Ms. Bowen’s students have been responsible for two of the past State BPA pins design contest. 100% of Ms. Bowen’s students are BPA members with 100 % participating in competitive events for the last three years.
Rounding out the student experience, Ms. Bowen provides multiple opportunities for community service. Volunteerism is evidenced as BPA members providing support to the city of Clearview community service project, participation in the BPA Chain of Love, blood drives, DHS Christmas donations, and support in on campus activities such as Scratch and Patch Hospital.
Modeling the key attributes of BPA, Ms. Bowen has given of herself to promote and develop the WWTC BPA chapter.