Corbin Allen

From the nomination form:


• Enhancing Student Enrollment:
Under Corbin’s leadership, post-secondary student enrollment saw a remarkable increase of over 200% in the 2022-2023 academic year, soaring from 8 students to 17. Corbin played a crucial role in this achievement through proactive recruitment efforts, including speaking to prospective students at Pioneer Days and encouraging current students to bring in new ones.

• Revamping Officer Training:
Corbin revolutionized the chapter officer training by incorporating hands-on learning opportunities. He drew from his previous experience as the president of the Association of Information Technology Professionals to design engaging and practical training for all officers. The Presidents and Vice-Presidents received training in project management and motivation, while the Secretary learned how to create an agenda and minutes. The Treasurer was trained in budgeting and financial management. Other officers, such as Historian, Chaplain, and Reporter, participated in introductory leadership workshops and group communication exercises. This co-curricular training provided the officers with valuable skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

• Fostering Co-Curricular Student Development:
Corbin’s primary objective this year was to ensure that all BPA chapter activities helped students acquire new skills aligned with the curriculum. In his enterprise development class, students wrote programs to support the chapter’s objectives, such as automating their income and expense excel sheet. In his Cybersecurity class, students worked on creating a website to showcase their BPA chapter and its monthly progress.