Kyla Perry

From the nomination form:

Throughout our vast and storied organization here in Oklahoma, there is no one more dedicated to our success as future business professionals than my advisor, Ms. Perry. She has repeatedly gone above and beyond throughout the year to ensure her students are doing their best and helping to get students more involved in our Business Professionals of America activities. For our class she has kept us up to date on all the opportunities that could be achieved throughout BPA. From just being involved in meetings, participating in activities, or even being an officer, everyone in our class is a part of BPA. She has also coordinated with other BPA leaders to increase the numbers of this chapter and introduce new activities for members to be a part of.

We have had many professionals from different fields that pertain to our specific area of studies. For example; bank management, real estate agencies, and human resource representatives have come and given insight into each individual field. Each visitor explained their line of work and how each person could be a part of that exact field, and the various jobs that come along with that profession. We have even travelled to businesses to see how each part of different departments work together. Participating in the opportunity to have a look into how these businesses operate, and the distinct roles of each, has been helpful in making a choice of where one could be successful. Having a broad view of how varied the workforce for professionals can be has been more than inspiring for us to grasp the potential we have in the professional setting.

Ms. Perry is invested in her students’ success, and the students reflect that in their involvement and overall drive to do well in class. She has personally helped me understand the opportunities that are available and made it possible for me to realize we can all be successful if we give it our all. With her support and involvement in BPA, I have become more involved in the organization and am my class’s president. With never having personally been in a professional workforce setting, she has made me realize there are so many chances to be successful. I could not have been as accomplished in class, or have confidence in my success, if Ms. Perry weren’t the amazing teacher and mentor she is. She pushes everyone to be the best they can be and is helpful in making sure everyone is working together to accomplish their goals. I believe that our chapter would not be as successful or have the opportunities we have been introduced to, if Ms. Perry was not a part of BPA.