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My story of why I joined BPA is not as exciting as most. Like most high schoolers, I was not aware that Business Professionals of America even existed. This (thankfully) changed when I joined the Business and Information Technology class at my local tech center. I was introduced to our teacher Mrs. Frank, and was informed that by enrolling in the class we were automatically entered as members in BPA.

So while being in the organization was not entirely intentional, my decision for being an active member was completely different. When I joined the class, I was introduced to the possibility of exciting new opportunities.I was a shy girl who had never really known anybody else other than my classmates that I had grown up with. I learned quickly through BPA that there is a whole other world outside of Olive, Oklahoma.

Turns out I love competing, and helping others through service projects. I met one of my best friends, and even had the opportunity to compete with  her at nationals. BPA has changed my life so much since my initial introduction to this amazing organization. I have grown as a person through skills I have acquired, and have made life-long friends. I hope that other members get to have a life changing experience like I did.

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