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Prior to joining BPA, I had only heard of Careertech Student Organizations (CTSO) like FFA and FCCLA, just like many of our members. When I started my legal office program at Tulsa Technology Center, a required part of the curriculum was to participate in our class CTSO, Oklahoma Business Professionals of America. Within the first few weeks of school, we planned volunteer projects and got involved in our local community. I genuinely enjoyed bonding with my classmates and other friends that I have met through BPA along the way.
I remember always wanting to be successful, but before joining BPA, I did not have the tools to get there. BPA taught me how to properly speak in public, and answer spur of the moment questions in front of audiences, both of which were difficult for me before!
Around November of my junior year, after researching and participating in the variety of opportunities that BPA offered, I had started to wonder why I had never heard of such a life-changing organization before. This organization offered me chance get involved with something that will ultimately help me in my future endeavor of becoming a lawyer.
I wanted to get involved even further. I started practicing for my Work Skills Assessment Program event and as I progressed, I decided I wanted to serve our members on a much larger scale. I decided that I was going to run for the State Executive Council. Deciding to engage in BPA was one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever made. Since joining BPA, I have learned soft skills, the ins and outs of public speaking, built lifelong friendships, and accomplished things that I never thought possible.
Business Professionals of America is an incredible student organization that I hope every student has the blessing of joining. I encourage all members and students who are considering joining to go for it! Take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Go to Fall Leadership Conference, compete at State Leadership Conference, and make National Leadership Conference a goal! You truly do not know what you are missing out on.

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