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Hello, my name is Lundyn Anderson, your first ever mid-level representative for Business Professionals of America. I am currently an 8th grader from Stratford Middle School. Business Professionals of America is helping me pursue a career in business. My speaking ability has grown tramidisly. I have received  the chance to step out of my comfort zone a variety of times.

Business Professionals of America became apart of my life when my older sister, Lakelynn, was apart of the state officer team during the 2017- 2018 term. Watching her team grow in their leadership, speaking, and communication skills convinced me to become a state officer. Her team had this happiness connection that I wanted to be apart of. When she came home she would talk about how BPA has impacted her life.

Business Professionals of America has helped me become a leader in my community. One way is by participating in Torch Awards. Torch Awards has helped me to expand my leadership opportunities.  Another reason is by being apart of other organizations such as Student Council, National Junior Honors Society, and Future Farmers of America.

In conclusion, BPA is an amazing organization that has helped my life in many different ways. I would advise you to be apart of an organization and always try to step out of your comfort zone.


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