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Oklahoma BPA, National Leadership Conference 2019 in Anaheim is now less than a month away! On behalf of the BPA State Executive Council, we would like to congratulate all winners who qualified to attend. We would also like to thank our wonderful advisors, sponsors, and volunteers for their contribution to Oklahoma BPA. Without them, our pathway to nationals would be much harder.

We would now like to take a moment to applaud all members on the outstanding achievements that were made during SLC. We were overjoyed by the growth, dedication, participation, and leadership that we witnessed throughout the week. Each and every member who attended brought great value to the conference. As stated earlier, all of you attending NLC will have the opportunity to travel to Anaheim California and represent our state association. You will have the ability to compete, receive national recognition, attend exciting sessions, hear motivating keynotes, participate in valuable leadership training, and take part in serving others.

At NLC 2019, you will be going head to head with BPA’s top contenders. You will have the opportunity to show business professionals from all across the nation that you have what it takes to become a national champion. Also, you will have some time to explore the beautiful state of California and make even deeper connections with the members and advisors of your chapter. Don’t forget to make as many new friends as possible, as there will be thousands of student leaders from all over the country gathered together at this conference. Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with others and learn about the many different walks of life that will be represented at NLC.

Finally, remember to practice as much as you can, but don’t stress too much. You are going to do absolutely amazing and it will be a wonderful experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life. On behalf of your 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 State Executive Councils, we are so proud of you. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to serve such a passionate and talented group of students.

We cannot wait to see you all at NLC!



2018-2019 State Vice-President Jakob Lavicky

2019-2020 State Vice-President-Elect Luke Hamilton

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