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Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Deer Creek
Local Advisor: Janet Harris

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Bio:  When her teacher told her join BPA, this aspiring film director had no idea about the organization or what she was doing. Now a senior at Deer Creek High school, Lily has been a competitive events finalist at NLC and is serving as the Oklahoma BPA state president with a goal of being a servant leader. Lily’s spare time is filled with band, video making, and dancing anywhere she can.

Hi members! My name is Lily Tucker and I’m your 2019-2020 State President!

I’m going to be a senior at Deer Creek High School this year and some fun facts about me are:
I play tuba for the Deer Creek band.
I dance at Range of Motion.
I’m the oldest child.
My zodiac sign is a sagittarius.
My favorite color is yellow.
I have two middle names.
I’m creative, hard working, and a servant leader.

I’m can’t wait for the amazing year BPA is going to have!

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