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Southern Technology Center
Local Advisor: Cindy Adams

Bio:  While she only joined BPA to see how far she could go, once this senior from Marietta, Oklahoma saw the impact BPA had on   its members she grew to love the organization. As a leader, Aaliyah’s goal is to meet as many members as possible, but when she is able to catch some free time she enjoys watching baseball, fishing, and working towards becoming a special education teacher.

Hello BPA! It’s Aaliyah Garcia you’re Oklahoma 2019-2020 State Reporter.

I am a Senior at Marietta High School, I am the Pride of Marietta Serving Two years as Drum Major and adding another one.

Here are some more things you might want to know:

I enjoy my amazing group of women at Cross and Crown Ministries and my Cowboy Camp kids.

I love meeting new people.

I am a HUGE Baseball fan.

I attended Southern Oklahoma Technology Center in Medical Office.

I am also Serving as Marietta High School FCCLA Vice President of Community Service.

I am also half Mexican.

I am a hard worker at anything give me a task and I’ll do it!

I love fishing and big trucks!

Spending time with my family and boyfriend are what I live for, without them I wouldn’t be who I am.

I can’t wait to meet every single one of you amazing people!

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