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Putnam City High School
Local Advisors: Chad Ellis and Melissa Lair

Bio:  This aspiring entrepreneur joined his local BPA chapter as a freshman. Fast forward to today, Hussain, a junior at Putnam City High School, recalls his proudest accomplishment as being elected to state office. Hussain knows that the key to being a great leader is to be a hard working leader who can be a role model to others. When he finds a bit of spare time, Hussain loves listening to music,  studying entrepreneurship, and playing video games.

My name is Hussain Ali your Historian/Chaplain. I’m going to be a junior at Putnam City High School.

Who I am:
I’m a car enthusiast
Aspiring entrepreneur 

Words to describe me:

Favorite show:
Stranger things

Favorite restaurant:

I’m honored to be serving as your state historian chaplain if you need absolutely anything don’t hesitate to contact me.


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