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There were  175 chapters and 1,586 BPA members in attendance.

Our Keynote speaker was Kyle Allison, a former DECA State Officer President.


We had 15 different breakout sessions for BPA:


  • “Culture Wins” was presented by Dustin Galyon. He covered how to create, maintain, and enhance positive culture.


  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” was presented by Sarah Edsall. She discussed building relationships as an approach to leadership.


  • “The One Note Every Rockstar Knows How to Hit” was presented by Rhett Laubach. He talked about what every leader should know that everyone else in the room doesn’t.


  • “Build-a-Pres” was presented by L. Tucker and A. Long. They covered what it means to be a president in your local chapter.


  • “Network Your Way to Success” was presented by Kyle Allison. He shared vital networking tips.


  • “Program of Work Planning” allowed local chapters to meet and discuss their 2019-2020 Program of Work.


  • “Tackling Torch Awards” was presented by Jaclyn Arnold. She discussed the Torch awards and what you can do to earn points.


  • “Unbox Your Local BPA Office” presented by L. Hamilton, C. Klarich, and A. Garcia. They discussed each local officer’s role.


  • “BPA Competitive Events Updates…and Beyond” was presented by A. Fank, R. Sams, D. Tysor, and E. Goff. They covered recent competitive updates, tips for advisors, how to find the guidelines, how to interpret them, and how to prepare for the day of competition.


  • “BPA Advisors” was an update session for advisors.


  • “Speakout for Workplace Safety” was presented by Lester Claravall. He discussed how to speak out when it comes to confronting young workers’ rights and safety.


  • “BPA Officer Panel” was presented by L. Tucker, C. Klarich, and A. Garcia. This session allowed members to talk to the BPA Officers. 


  • “Running for State Office” was presented by Natasha Smith. She discussed to run a successful campaign for BPA and DECA officers interested in a State position.


  • “Building Blocks of Service” was presented by J. Mesta, X. Hamilton, H. Ali, and T. Crauthers. They covered the basics of community service while allowing members to participate in a hands-on service project.


  • “Running an Effective Chapter Meeting” was presented by C.J. Cavin, PRP. This workshop demonstrated how to run a chapter meeting in an interactive format.


The pin design winner was Kassidy Shearer.


Our CTSO Store and Raffle raised a total of $1,545.15.


The officers for both teams had a fantastic time meeting members. We hope all members who attended enjoyed the conference as much as we enjoyed hosting it.


-Charity Klarich

OK BPA State Secretary


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