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Guymon High School Business Professionals of America
Present Annual Veterans Day Program


The Guymon High School Business Professionals of America chapter was honored to coordinate and present the annual Veterans Day Program again this year.  Guymon BPA has been responsible for coordinating and presenting the program for eight out of the 19 years that it has been offered at GHS. Coordination of the program included decorating the high school entrances and commons, assembling gift packets with letters, drawings, and poems from the Guymon Public Schools’ students, and providing a special luncheon and desserts table organized by BPA members.

Veterans Day is dedicated to honoring veterans of every branch of the armed forces, living or deceased. Each year, the commemoration is appointed a special theme. The 2019 theme was “Service” in order to commemorate the work done by service members in their community, in and out of their time in the military.

While Veterans Day celebrates past members of the service all over the country, Guymon High School takes care to commemorate its local heroes; both living and those who have unfortunately passed. Crosses were set up on the lawn of the school, each adorned with the name of a local veteran who has passed.

Several groups participated in the day’s events. The Guymon High School Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Travis Hathcote, as well the High School Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Theresa Royce, prepared a selection of wonderful and moving pieces to perform. An amazing slideshow presentation was presented by Mr. Travis Hathcote. BPA officers and members recited patriotic poetry and stories during the special program. The Guymon Fire Department Color Guard presented an impressive display of the posting of the colors.

After the program, veterans and guests were provided a complimentary lunch as well as homemade and decorated sweets made by members of BPA themselves. Veterans were then invited to speak and answer questions with the high school classes. BPA members later traveled to Guymon’s Heritage Community Nursing Home to visit any veterans who were unable to attend the program personally. The manor visit always comes as a great joy for both the BPA members and veterans. The veterans are always more than willing to share their stories with our younger generation.

The Veterans Day Program has been praised as a favorite among the community. One BPA member described the program as “a great way to give back to Veterans for everything they have done for us.”

 Guymon High School BPA was proud to recognize and honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice, because all gave some, and some gave all.


-Angela Martinez, BPA Historian and Reporter

Mrs. Summer Behne, Advisor

Business Professionals of America

Guymon High School


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