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Oklahoma BPA knows that nothing will truly replace NLC 2020 in Washington DC, but together we have put together a celebration of our members…virtually, of course!

Before we get too far into the week, lets hear from your outgoing 2019-2020 State Executive Council and your newly elected 2020-2021 SEC who have been hard at work preparing this virtual experience for you.


Hello Oklahoma BPA! It is Aaliyah Garcia your BPA State Reporter.

It has been an honor serving you Oklahoma. I have meet amazing members and advisors!  This year has been one of the best, I can’t believe what we have all accomplished. Oklahoma BPA has forever changed my life and I want to say thank you to each single member! You as Oklahomans have a great roll in leadership and I challenge you to step up and take that challenge! Whether it is becoming a class officer or evens running for state office! Your life will change, it will be the best impact in your life, and you can make an even bigger impact in others. I have made many friends over the years from other organizations to the amazing BPA members. I want to wish you all an amazing year next year the newly elected officers are already hard at work and preparing a great year for you all. I can’t wait to see what you all do in the years to come. Keep moving forward and when you do try to impact someone’s life in a good way, like you all did mine. I absolutely love Oklahoma BPA because its not just a organization it is a whole family.  My time as an Officer will always have a place in my heart, because it taught me so much and has pushed me to become a better person/leader.

Thank You Oklahoma!


Greeting BPA! I know that these times are confusing and scary but just know that both​ ​of your officer teams are here to love and support you. We encourage you to still get involved, be creative, and connect with others during this time. However, don’t let this situation deter from the many successes we had this year. We had a huge turnout at FLC this year and got to see so many of you on your leadership journey. The other officers and I were able to visit your schools and talk with you guys, which always put a smile on my face. We had an AMAZING SLC with many members running for office, competing, networking, and bringing home some well-deserved awards. Thank you guys so much for making this year and my term as State President a successful and phenomenal one at that. None of what we do could be possible without the support of our members. So as you look back on this year, try to remember the amazing things we got to create together: memories, friendships, experiences, and a better understanding of the business world. Thank you!


Well the time keeps marching forward so I should have seen this coming. I didn’t though, it came too soon. It snuck up on me. After the end date that was for NLC my term will be over. I cannot say how much sadness this gives me to say bye. I also can’t say how much joy this brings me because this is not the last time I will see Oklahoma BPA. For I will see her among the stars because I am not leaving you in bad hands, but I am leaving you in hands that will help and serve you our members make Oklahoma BPA shine among the stars.

We are measured by time, so we must have an end, but the time we have is in our hands. We have the choice to do great things or set back and watch great things. Before I became a state officer I was a person who watched great things, but now I love to get in the process of greatness. So Oklahoma BPA Seniors ,will you come with me into the process of greatness. Even though we are graduating high school soon, this doesn’t have to be the end of our involvement with BPA. We can come back next year and volunteer to help set up FLC and SLC or even be judges and graders at SLC. For those going to college or a tech program that has a BPA chapter you can still have fun by joining the Post-Secondary division. Now if the college you’re going to doesn’t have a chapter, don’t worry you can join the virtual chapter which is a part of our Post-Secondary division. Now if you’re done with school entirely you can join the Alumni division.

So, no matter where you go or what happens, remember BPA is a family and we’ll always love you. This is my last blog as your Parliamentarian and I am so grateful you have allowed me the honor of serving you in this position. I love you Oklahoma BPA member and goodbye till I see you again.


Hello Oklahoma BPA! This is Nate Slater, your 2020-2021 State Executive Council Officer. I am so honored to have been elected to serve for this upcoming year. I had an amazing experience at the State Leadership Conference meeting so many of you from across the state.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and supported me in the election. I look forward to serving Oklahoma BPA and bringing new ideas to help us spring into our future.


Thank you so much Oklahoma BPA for electing me on the State executive council! I’m ready to serve and be your voice for the year. Things haven’t started out smoothly with the cancellation of Nationals but that won’t stop us from having an amazing year! I know the year will be packed with great moments, and I’m hoping for a really big turnout at both Fall and State leadership conferences along with Mid-Level growth.

It’s been an incredible serving as your State historian chaplain. From the amazing turnout we had at the Fall Leadership conference to the exciting moment of the State Leadership Conference, the year had a lot to offer. One of my favorite moments of the year was at FLC when Xavier (from DECA) Jesus, Tate, and I hosted the building block of a service workshop. We had worked hard setting up a fun interactive workshop and that hard work paid off with a very successful workshop. FLC was an enormous success and I want to thank everyone who was there!

I want to start by saying congratulations to all the winners at SLC. I know it’s hard winning and Soon finding out Nationals was canceled. Carry what you Learn on to next year and come back more ready than ever to compete because I will! (I’m hoping for a 1st place finish next year) I want to also congratulate the newly elected team! You all stood out and I’m excited to see what next year will hold.

It’s been a great year packed with memories, and thank you Oklahoma BPA this incredible experience!


Hello Oklahoma BPA! I would like to formally thank you all, our states’ amazing members, for electing me and putting your trust in this upcoming year’s officer team to lead our State Chapter forward. I know that we all greatly appreciate the trust you have given us and look forward to working tirelessly to make this the best year we can for Oklahoma BPA!

I can’t wait to work alongside many BPA members and advisors throughout this year; learning new things, meeting new people, and above all, getting to work in service to others. Depending on how the current pandemic plays out, I hope to get to shake hands with our members once again and can’t wait to see you all once more, even if we have to maintain social distancing.

Thank y’all!


I want to personally thank the members for electing me to be apart of your 2020-2021 State Executive Council. I hope this year holds so many memories and so much fun for the members.


Hello Oklahoma BPA! I hope that you are all enjoying your down time during this unknown period.

I would first like to say that I am honored to serve as your 2020-21 State Parliamentarian. I am excited for this new adventure that my fellow officers and I will experience. I hope that this year is filled with new memories, opportunities, and success for all of us! I know that my team and I will be working hard to create opportunities for this year!


Hello BPA it is Jesus Mesta, your 2019-2020 State Vice President. It has been an honor serving as one of your Vice Presidents we have achieved so much as a state and I am ready for what your 2020-2021 team will bring you. Our membership has been growing in amazing rates! As a state we are among the top three state with the highest membership. We have introduced new awards for our advisors and members for our State Leadership Conference. Most importantly you, the member, have chosen your next State Executive Council. The eight talented members are ready to take on the duties as state officers. As an officer it is empowering seeing others step out their comfort zones to take on a new journey. I encourage everyone to once in a while step out of your comfort zone, you will never know what it could lead to. As the membership year of 2019-2020 comes to a close take time to reflect your successes and set your goals for when the 2020-2021 membership year begins!


As my term at State Vice President concludes I’d like to thank Oklahoma BPA, my advisor Mrs. Riddle and the state advisor Mrs. Cavin for giving me the opportunity to serve as your 2019/20 State Vice President.  This year of BPA was a year to remember.

We had a great State Leadership Conference and I enjoyed meeting with members.  Congrats to all our finalists and winners for a job well done.  Without your hard work and dedication towards your events, this conference would not be possible.  As a council, I believe that we increased the visibility of the State Executive Council.  We had a lot more candidates for state office this year.  I would encourage anyone that is interested and dedicated to Oklahoma BPA to run for the council next year!

As my Oklahoma BPA comes to a close, I want to remind everyone that this incredible experience was well worth all the time and effort I put towards Oklahoma BPA.  It was an honor serving as your 2019/20 State Vice President.  Thank you.

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