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Hussain Ali and I got the opportunity to visit North Rock Creek High School in Shawnee for an officer visit. This school is very special, they only have 9-10th grade this year and next year they will be adding 11th and 12th. They have very many active members who want to know and learn more about Oklahoma BPA.

It was a productive chapter visit! Many of their students asked about how to become a State Officer and what you have to do to get ready to be elected into office. Other members asked about all the different kinds of competitive events.


North Rock Creek High School has great potential.


The Rock Creek Officers have a great plan this year to keep people motivated and to hopefully gain more members in the years to come. One thing about this high school that amazed me was how all the members were so kind to each other. Their school meant something to them and they showed that with their words and actions. North Rock Creek High School, keep doing what you’re doing.


-Aaliyah Garcia 

Oklahoma BPA Reporter

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