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At the Virtual Fall Leadership Conference we used the 5 Voices Leadership Assessment tool to learn our individual leadership voice and how to amplify it. I took the test and got “Guardian:. Guardian are champions of due diligence, resources, and efficient systems and processes. Guardians make up 30% of the population. We have a relentless commitment to ask difficult questions. We respect and value logic, order, systems and repeatable processes. We are present oriented. You will hear our voice! How does that affect us as a leader? We are always ready to work. Whatever challenge we are given we take it on as our responsibility. We are loyal to our leaders and team. Along with strengths are challenges. We have strong perfection tendencies. We struggle to value people who do not contribute to the task on a project. Understanding this leadership voice and how it affects me helps me become a better leader.

-Jessie Ross, Oklahoma BPA Vice President

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