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The President’s Workshop for OKFLC 2020 is called “Leading While Living Your Best Life: COVID Edition” and it includes tips to help you do exactly that—lead while living YOUR best life. This year is definitely different than usual and, as such, the President’s Workshop went in a different direction than usual. We wanted to make sure you were taking care of yourself so the topics covered in the workshop provide useful leadership tools to help you promote the mental health of not only yourself, but also your members. For example, the three leadership focuses (Inner Focus, Outer Focus, and Other Focus), or tips on surrounding yourself with the “roses” in your life while encouraging the “thorns” to be more positive and “less pointy.” SpongeBob and friends are even present in the latter half of the presentation! In addition to lots of advice and tips for engaging in habits that are positive for your mental health, and that of others, there is also a “President’s Packet” available *here* which provides all sorts of conventional tips and tricks to help any BPA Chapter President succeed. Anyone who missed the workshop live can watch the recorded version of the workshop at *here*. Thank you so much for your support this year and for stepping into a leadership role in your chapter! In the words of John Wooden, “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” Lead on, Oklahoma BPA, lead on!

-Jacob Schonfield, Oklahoma BPA President

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