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“How can I recruit more members to my chapter?” Lot’s of you may be asking this very question.

Well there are various ways to recruit members for your chapter:


  • Hold a membership drive
  • Advertise a “bring a buddy” in your meetings so members bring a friend in order to grow membership
  • Advertise your chapter on your schools social media
  • Visit your schools BPA classrooms and let them know your goals for this year in order to inspire them to join
  • Most importantly be positive! Being positive when talking about your organization will allow students to feel welcomed if they are thinking about joining.


In all honesty, recruiting members can be very difficult because it is the decision of the student whether or not they want to join. Nevertheless remember that members are the core of your organization and you cannot have a chapter without members. Lead your chapter to success and grow your membership!


-Karson Brown, Oklahoma BPA Historian|Chaplain

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