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I had the opportunity of participating in this year’s National BPA Leadership Summit this past weekend. As a Business Professionals of America State Officer for the State of Oklahoma, I jumped on the opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry as well as the National BPA Team. The National BPA Leadership Summit was a thrilling virtual event and a moment that I simply couldn’t miss out on. Not only did I learn from inspirational leaders about what it takes to take your work to the next level, but I also learned that managing your BPA chapter, advocating for all BPA Chapters, and effectively managing your projects are all very important topics to keep in mind and work on throughout your experience in Business Professionals of America.

My biggest takeaway from the Leadership Summit was from Oklahoma’s very own C.J. Cavin. Mr. Cavin is a former BPA State Officer and now serves as the Parliamentarian at Oklahoma House of Representatives. I learned all the important steps to run an effective meeting and how to excel in material such as drafting bylaws. I also learned the importance of using Robert’s Rules of Order to participate in effective parliamentarian procedures. I believe an important point to take away from the conference as a whole is that though the conference was strictly online, the unique virtual experience was very engaging and creative. I would like to thank all the amazing staff and students that put the Leadership Summit together and I would advise any incoming students to participate in this outstanding event.


-Nathan Slater, State Reporter

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