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FLC was a whirlwind of a new experience! From some connection problems to our phenomenal guest speakers, we made it through and persevered! I am excited for our next step of competition season! As a Guardian voice myself, for team competitions I will look for team partners that work well together but not afraid to speak their opinion. In office it is important to have all these voices for exceptional leadership.

Myself on the SEC as one of our Guardians, I have found that I have worked well with Mason (our state secretary) who is a Connector voice. A Guardian is one who has lot’s of questions to get the details of a project/activity, I usually have questions in my head, but being a naturally quiet person some don’t always get asked which is what I’m working on to improve myself as a leader.


I hope you were all able to find your leadership voice and use it to reach your highest potential!


-Karson Brown, Oklahoma BPA Historian|Chaplain

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