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Howdy everybody! As your State Secretary, I have a “Connector” leadership voice. Us Connectors are champions of relationships and strategic partnerships! We are known for always having a way to get what we need for our team. Whether it is website building tools, or editing software for the social media page, we always know where to get it! While we may not work as well with a Guardian (our opposite voice), we are still easy to work with. Being a Connector helps me be the best leader I can by letting me act quickly, and having many resources to get a job done, even with very little notice. I am the only Connector on the BPA SEC, but that lets me shine brighter on my own!


As you all know, the Fall Leadership Conference was held back in September. Just because our next conference is in the spring doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do in preparation! Be sure to hone in your skills for competitive events during the State Leadership Conference in March! If you are not sure what competitions are available, we have a very diverse list on our Competition page. Home > Members > Competition 


Until next time,


Mason McGehee – State Executive Council Secretary

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